Lion Portrait Gift Led Lamp


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Lovely Lion Design LED table lamp You can use the 3D Illusion table Lamps that you can use in your home office, as a decorative night light or as a Led table lamp. It is also a very special and impressive product that you can offer to your loved ones. The approximate working life of the lamps is 60,000 hours. LED Technology is used. The energy consumption of the lamps is almost negligible. It is not an easily fragile material like glass. It can be used safely in areas such as children's rooms.

  • Base Features; 7 Light colors (Red, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow, Turquoise)
  • Powered by USB Cable power supply and Battery. 3AAA USB Cable - (the user can also use the adapter head in a continuous power outlet.)
  • Dimensions: It is between 15 cm x 25 cm. (ideal table top dimensions are adapted according to the shape of the design)